Boundary Films produces TV shows, documentary films, music & corporate videos and technical video material.

Click below to see a brief showreel that shows some of the filming of people and places around the world:

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TV Shows

With fast turn-around and rapid filming, Boundary Films has co-produced and been the DoP on more than 50 TV shows; directing some of these as well as a spectacular hour-long documentary.

TV Shows


Working quickly in a small team, Boundary Films ensures that the story is captured, together with beautiful imagery and professional sound.

Read about the latest documentaries here, with video trailers.

Music & Corporate videos

Music videos

Making the artist look great and adding to the music


Music & Corporate

Corporate videos


Sales videos about products or services, a company video for investors, a training video...

Technical videos

Many corporates require video material for specific purposes, for example to test or demonstrate video equipment, where the highest quality uncompressed video material is required, with full rights available for demonstration and web use & test purposes.  Clients have included many large corporates (such as Intel, Sony Ericsson, Dolby, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, DirectTV ..).



Boundary Films personnel have filmed on the streets of London, in Times Square in New York, on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, many European cities, as well as the Far East in many places such as Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.  Not only this, we have filmed in very hot & humid environments with temperatures over 40deg C, and 1,000 miles above the Arctic Circle, where cold does not describe it adequately !

From start to finish


A full service is provided, including pre-production planning, production (with provision of all personnel and equipment), post-production and final video delivery.

Extraordinary TV shows, documentaries, videos and films

Some of our recent work includes: